Smart Home Popularity is Driven by these 3 Factors

Do you ever stop and think about why all the fuss about smart homes?

There’s no doubt that it’s very appealing to have automated security, entertainment systems, mood lights, and voice-controlled appliances at your disposal. Still, so far, smart home technology installations have fallen short of expectations.

Many experts attribute this to affordability as well as installation issues. Others believe the learning curve may be too steep. And some people even think maybe they aren’t that desirable to have.

Fascinating New Research on Smart Home Technology

Experts have recently reported the results of a study that has discovered some of the benefits and problems people have in embracing the wonders of smart homes.  Subsequently, these were compared to current technological solutions offered to them.

The report indicated that living in smart homes is quite appealing for those who adopt the technology earlier than others but also experience unexpected challenges.


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The 3Ps of Smart Home Experiences

Even though not as readily accepted as expected, the smart home market is still growing fairly rapidly. But many naysaying look at the industry as a “solution looking for a problem.”

There’s also the famous quip that smart home technologies are another example of “boys and their toys,” as men are more apt to bring this technology into their homes. It gives them a chance to manage and take control of the system.

Recent sales figures from the industry indicate that around 57% of those obsessed with smart home systems are likely to be males. The obsessive owners are the ones who like to customize and fine-tune this home automation setup. However, among women, those in the 18-35-year-old range show a keen interest in smart home features.

After interviewing many smart technology owners, there were three primary categories of usage:

  • Protective security devices and functions
  • Productive tools and automation that could multitask
  • Pleasure enhancements in the form of entertainment and creating the desired ambiance

As you might have noticed, these are the 3Ps: protection, productivity, and pleasure.

Protection systems

Many home tech users were deeply concerned about the security and welfare of these homes and those who live there – pets and all. In some cases, they had smart cameras installed to monitor those they care about, whether a child, an elderly parent or a four-legged family member.

Another area of concern was in the homes of people that live with disabilities. Smart home technology was a source of a powerful additional safeguard to protect against such vulnerabilities in several ways. Not only could someone watch over them remotely, but they could also unlock doors and control and monitor room temperatures as necessary.


Providing many small conveniences was how many smart technology users described having this home technology. They quickly recognized how many small medial tasks and decisions had been lifted from their shoulders.

Among their favorite features were the automated and voice-activated lights, the automated heating and cooling, and the operation of doors and blinds at the appropriate times. While they acknowledged a bit of a learning curve at first, they admitted that they would find it out to live with them now.

Smart home technologies have many answers in productivity, automation, and multitasking. Learning to work with a digital voice assistant is key in using these productivity tools.

These features have been life-changing for the elderly and disabled individuals.


Depending on your personality, many smart home users enjoyed the adventure and thrill of learning what these systems have to offer them. They found absolute pleasure in experimenting with these radical new devices.

When combining smart lighting with audio speakers, a person can generate various ambiance variations. Then others would include using lava lamps and mood fountains to extend the pleasure even further.

This aspect of home technology allows someone to exercise their creativity. Many homeowners have demonstrated an imaginative way to enjoy a pleasurable and relaxing home environment.