Do You Have to Buy VR Games Separately?

Ever wondered if you need to buy VR games separately for each device you own? It’s a common question, especially since buying multiple copies of the same game can be costly. This article sheds light on this conundrum, providing insights into purchasing practices for various VR systems, including Oculus Quest and PS4 VR.

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Do You Have to Buy VR Games Separately?

VR games are indeed purchased separately. If you plan to add a second VR headset to your collection, note that individual games must be bought for each device. However, there is some good news!

Users who set up both headsets with the same account can share all previously purchased games – no need for repeat purchases.

The power lies in the hands of the account admin, who can activate app sharing on one of their devices.

The method or platform where you purchase VR games will differ per device type. Users can browse and download virtual reality experiences from dedicated app stores akin to those found on smartphones.

For instance, Oculus Quest 2 owners can shop for new adventures through a built-in store accessible via their headset or the Meta Quest app on their phone.

It’s important to know that Oculus Quest 2 was the first headset requiring a Facebook sign-in to replace separate Oculus accounts – an update reflecting its ownership by tech giant Meta Platforms Inc., formerly Facebook Inc.

Regarding PlayStation VR (PSVR) users, it appears some people are querying if PSVR2 comes with any bundled games; unfortunately, this information remains unconfirmed.

Regardless of your preference between Oculus or PlayStation platforms -or other brands- rest assured knowing VR gaming offers plenty of variety with different apps and exciting virtual reality experiences awaiting exploration upon separate purchases.

How to Purchase VR Games:

To buy VR games for the Oculus Quest, you can download the app, select the store icon, search for games, and click on the price to purchase.

Oculus Quest: Download the app, select the store icon, search for games, and click on the price to buy.

To purchase games for your Oculus Quest, start by downloading the app. Once the app is installed, select the store icon to browse a wide selection of games. Use the search feature to find specific titles or explore different categories.

When you find a game you want, click on the price and follow the prompts to complete your purchase. It’s that easy! Enjoy exploring a variety of virtual reality experiences on your Oculus Quest.

Now, let’s move on to PS4 VR and how purchasing games works for that device.

PS4 VR: Purchase games separately for each device.

For PS4 VR, it is essential to note that games must be purchased separately for each device. This means that if you have multiple headsets, you must buy the games individually for each one.

So, keep in mind that when expanding your VR collection on PS4, you’ll need to invest in games specifically tailored for each headset.

Meta Quest 2: Purchase games in VR through the built-in store or the Meta Quest app on your phone.

To purchase games for the Meta Quest 2, you have two options. First, you can access the built-in store in virtual reality and browse through a wide selection of games from your headset.

Alternatively, you can use the Meta Quest app on your phone to explore and buy games remotely. Whether you prefer the convenience of shopping directly on your VR device or browsing on your phone, getting new games for your Meta Quest 2 is easy and accessible.


In conclusion, each device often requires separate purchases when buying VR games. However, if you set up multiple headsets with the same account, you can share games without repurchasing them.

Each VR device has its app store where users can browse and download various games and apps. So whether you have an Oculus Quest, PSVR, or Meta Quest 2, plenty of options are available to enjoy virtual reality experiences.


1. Do you have to buy VR games separately?

Generally, buying virtual reality games for Oculus Quest, PS VR, or other devices requires separate purchases.

2. Can I share my purchased VR games with others?

Typically, VR game purchases are linked to specific devices and accounts and cannot be shared across different devices.

3. Where can I buy games for my Oculus Quest?

You can buy games for the Oculus Quest through the Meta app store which offers a variety of VR apps and game purchasing options.

4. Are there any restrictions on transferring VR game purchases between devices?

VR game licenses typically cannot be transferred between devices as they are assigned individually upon purchase.

5. Is it necessary to purchase each PSVR game separately?

Each game must generally be purchased separately to access different virtual reality experiences on PSVR.

6. Can my friends access the same VR Games I bought from their account?

Usually, no – since obtaining virtual reality games is often linked to an individual user’s account, multiple users cannot easily access them on different devices without additional licensing or permissions.