Best Digital Piano Under 200

Are you struggling to find a quality digital piano without breaking the bank? It might surprise you that one of the best instruments, the Alesis Melody 61 Key Keyboard Piano, is under $200.

This article will delve into five top-notch digital pianos that deliver superb sound for budget-friendly prices. Ready for some music magic on a dime? Let’s dive in!

Top 5 Best Digital Pianos Under $200

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Product Price Brand Skill Level Number of Keys Item Weight
Yamaha PSR-E273 $188.83 Yamaha Beginner 61 22.4 pounds
Casio Casiotone (CT-S300) $179.00 Casio Beginner 61 8.8 pounds
RockJam 61 Key Touch Display Keyboard $162.58 RockJam Beginner 61 12 pounds
Alesis Melody 61 Key Keyboard Piano $139.99 Alesis Beginner 61 8.14 pounds
Casio CT-X700 $199.00 Casio 61 9.48 pounds

Please note that for the last product, Casio CT-X700, the “Skill Level” is not provided; hence I have used a “-” instead.

1. Yamaha PSR-E273

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All-in-one keyboard pack with recording, lessons, and sound effects.


  • Portable keyboard for beginners
  • 61 keys for learning and playing a wide range of music
  • Sleek black color for a stylish look
  • Powered by corded electric source
  • Designed specifically for beginner proficiency level
  • Compact dimensions and lightweight at 22.4 pounds

The Yamaha PSR-E273 PKS 61-Key Premium Keyboard Pack is a comprehensive package for those eager to take up music or upgrade their existing keyboard set. This entry-level Portable Keyboard boasts an array of sounds and functions, making it the perfect first step into the world of music for budding musicians.

Aside from its expansive 61-key range, one standout feature is the onboard song recorder – a handy tool that enables users to capture performances and play them back, helping them hone their skills over time.

Furthermore, the PSR-E273 has several insightful lesson modes, including Listen & Learn, Timing, and Waiting, which are brilliant in accelerating the learning pace while ensuring the process remains enjoyable.

Moreover, this premium pack comes bundled with a power supply unit, an X-Style Stand providing robust support during performances, and high-quality stereo headphones for private practices – taking care of all your accessory needs.

Its sturdy design and diverse functionality, like animal sound effects or instrument Voices, not only leverages fun but also spurs creativity in adults.

In choosing Yamaha’s PSR-E273 as number one on our list, we considered its exceptional value proposition, combining top-notch features aimed at beginners and necessary accessories at a reasonable price point.

Plus, it’s hard to overlook Yamaha’s commitment to facilitating a user-friendly experience underlined by intuitive Quiz Mode, strengthening musical ear development in an interactive way, which makes it our top pick!


  • Includes a power supply, X-style stand, and headphones for convenience and immediate use
  • Features a built-in song recorder to capture and playback performances for improvement
  • Offers three different lesson modes to help users learn songs and develop their musical ear
  • Provides access to various instrument voices, including the option to play piano sounds with the touch of a button


  • Limited number of built-in lesson songs
  • Keyboard keys may feel less responsive compared to more expensive models
  • Limited connectivity options for external devices

This Yamaha PSR-E273 is perfect for aspiring musicians and budding songwriters looking to record their performances and master their craft.

With features like on-board song recording, three lesson modes, sound effects, and instrument voices, this keyboard is a great all-in-one package for novice and experienced players. Give the Yamaha a try today – you won’t be disappointed!

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Price: $188.83

2. Casio Casiotone (CT-S300)

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Portable and versatile keyboard with USB connectivity for music learners.


  • Portable and lightweight design
  • Suitable for beginners with a skill level of beginner
  • 61 keys for a wide range of musical expression
  • Compatible with various devices such as PC, IOS, Mac, and Android
  • Powered by USB or 6 AA batteries
  • Sleek black color for an aesthetically pleasing look

The Casio Casiotone (CT-S300) is an exceptional portable keyboard with a user-friendly design for both budding musicians and seasoned pros. Its practicality extends beyond just its 61 piano-style keys with touch response.

This lightweight keyboard has a built-in carry handle, integrating portability into its design, meaning you can take your music wherever you go – to the park or even on vacation.

Whether it’s classical tunes or EDM tracks you’re into, this device got you covered. It offers expansive sounds with 400 tones and varying rhythms at your disposal – from harmonic jazz to pulsating rock beats, there’s something to suit everyone’s tastes.

Plus, the Dance Music Mode lets users remix their own EDM tracks using drum loops, basslines, synth parts and more—which is a fun feature not commonly found in other keyboards.

What sets the Casio Casiotone (CT-S300) apart is its advanced connectivity options through USB ports that allow seamless connections to any Mac/PC/iOS/Android device without requiring drivers.

Coupled with compatibility with the free Chordata Play app, learning how to play your favorite songs becomes easier! You can download MIDI files of popular tunes and follow along note by note—a great find if you’re looking for interactive ways for self-learning.

As our number two pick, we highly rate the Casio Casiotone (CT-S300) for its robust functionality packed within compact dimensions—delivering excellent value without compromising performance or sound quality.


  • Portable and lightweight design for easy transportation
  • Wide variety of tones, rhythms, and songs to choose from for versatile playing options
  • Convenient USB connectivity allows for seamless integration with other devices
  • Touch-response keys provide a realistic piano-playing experience


  • Limited number of keys may be limiting for more advanced players
  • USB connectivity could be improved in terms of compatibility with different devices
  • Music rest may not provide adequate support for sheet music

This Casio Casiotone (CT-S300) Keyboard is perfect for those looking to learn the basics of music, from piano and keyboard playing to composing original songs.

It’s an ideal starter instrument for students or hobbyists who want a simple, portable music-making experience. Get your hands on this keyboard now and start making tunes!

Product Info


Price: $179.00

3. RockJam 61 Key Touch Display Keyboard

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Perfect for beginners seeking a comprehensive and portable piano kit.


  • Portable 61-key touch display keyboard
  • Suitable for beginners with a beginner proficiency level
  • Sleek black color and compact size
  • Powered by electricity with a voltage of 120 Volts
  • Output wattage of 10 Watts for sufficient sound quality
  • Comes with a super kit including various accessories

The RockJam 61 Key Touch Display Keyboard Super Kit is an excellent choice for beginner and intermediate-level musicians. Its well-rounded features make it a standout choice in its category, so we’ve ranked it No.3 on our list.

This keyboard offers a staggering 200 rhythms and tones and includes a teaching function and 30 demo songs to help novice players get started with mastering their skills.

This keyboard has been strategically designed with the user’s comfort in mind. The padded seat offers hours of comfortable play, while the adjustable stand adds convenience for users across various age groups. Additionally, the full-size keys give you that traditional piano feel without compromising portability or compactness.

Perhaps one of the most impressive features of this digital keyboard is its touch display panel, which provides valuable feedback as you play along. You can easily engage different functions through this interactive feature, improving your overall learning experience significantly.

Moreover, its recording and playback functionality opens up creative venues for layers of sound building and integration with digital audio workstations like Ableton via simple cable connectivity.

Lastly, one cannot overlook how resourceful the RockJam 761 piano kit is overall; besides being power versatile (mains or batteries can power it), it also comes complete with headphones, note stickers, sustain pedal & Simply Piano lessons, making not just purchasing but also learning very convenient!

This comprehensive package and top-notch design choices rightly earn RockJam 761 Piano Keyboard Super Kit spot number three on our list.


  • Includes a padded seat for comfortable playing
  • Sturdy and adjustable keyboard stand
  • Record and playback functionality for building layers of sound
  • Touch display panel with various features and teaching function


  • The touch display panel may not be very responsive or accurate.
  • The sustain pedal included in the kit might not be of high quality and may have durability issues.
  • Some customers have reported experiencing issues with the midi output compatibility with specific digital audio workstations.

The RockJam 61 Key Touch Display Keyboard Piano Kit is perfect for aspiring musicians, as it provides a comprehensive range of features and tools to practice comfortably and master the basics.

With its compact size, digital piano bench, electric stand, headphones, note stickers, sustain pedal, and Simply Piano lessons included in the package – anyone can take the following steps to become a professional pianist. Anyone interested in turning their musical aspirations into reality should look no further – get your RockJam today!

Product Info


Price: $162.58

4. Alesis Melody 61 Key Keyboard Piano

(Images Credits: Amazon)

Perfect for beginners seeking a complete package to learn piano.


  • Portable keyboard piano with 61 keys
  • Designed for beginners to learn and play music easily
  • Black color with a sleek and stylish design
  • Made by Alesis, a trusted brand in musical instruments
  • Powered by a 9-volt corded electric source
  • Lightweight and easy to carry, weighing only 8.14 pounds

The Alesis Melody 61 Key Keyboard Piano is an excellent beginner’s keyboard that promises a rewarding music experience for adults venturing into the world of piano playing.

This complete all-in-one package incorporates 61 responsive full-size piano-style keys with built-in speakers, offering a realistic and comfortable touch to create captivating melodies.

You can easily craft rich layers of versatile tones with hundreds of sounds at your fingertips, including Acoustic Piano, Electric Piano, Strings, Organ, Synth, and Drums.

Its powerful educational features truly set this product apart, including a three-month premium subscription from Skoove – an interactive online platform for piano lessons.

Whether you’re incorporating new techniques or simply reinforcing those already learned, the lessons provided by Skoove will go a long way in advancing your skills at any pace you’re comfortable with.

The Alesis Melody’s design also considers ease of use and convenience – included in the package are an easy-to-assemble keyboard stand and adjustable height bench for added comfort during extended practice sessions.

The headphones supplied mute the speakers when plugged in, thus ensuring private practices remain undisturbed. In contrast, the sheet music stand effectively holds written notation or tablet devices assisting learners through their performances or while attending online classes.

Complementing these fabulous features is a “Record” functionality allowing one to capture their performances, which aids tremendously in self-assessment while refining musical articulation.

Furthermore, it comes bundled with a microphone facilitating sing-along sessions while playing – indeed, an incredible asset for those inclined towards singing! In summary, if you’re seeking versatility combined with instructive guidance and fun-filled practice sessions within your home environment, look no further than the Alesis Melody 61 Key Keyboard Piano.


  • All-in-one digital piano kit for beginners
  • Includes essential accessories such as a stand, bench, headphones, and microphone
  • Powerful educational features with interactive online piano lessons
  • Wide range of voices and demo songs to assist in skill development


  • The keyboard may not have the same sound quality as more expensive models.
  • The included stand and bench may not be very sturdy or durable.
  • Some users may find the sheet music stand too small or unstable.

This Alesis Melody 61 Key Keyboard Piano is perfect for the discerning beginner musician seeking to learn and hone their craft. Whether just getting started on the keys or brushing up your skills, this keyboard provides everything you need in one package.

It’s an all-in-one solution to get you playing immediately with responsive full-sized piano keys, 300 sounds, and music lessons! So what are you waiting for? Get your own Alesis Melody 61 Keyboard Piano today and start learning now!

Product Info


Price: $139.99

5. Casio CT-X700

(Images Credits: Amazon)

Portable and versatile keyboard for aspiring musicians on the go.


  • Portable keyboard with 61 keys, making it easy to take on the go
  • Sleek black design adds a touch of style to any setting
  • USB power source for convenient charging and use
  • MIDI USB connector allows for easy connection to other devices
  • High-quality sound and performance capabilities
  • Large standing screen display size for easy viewing while playing

The Casio CT-X700 61-Key Portable Keyboard is an accessible yet high-quality choice for adults passionate about music. Even if you’re a beginner or on a budget, this keyboard ensures you won’t sacrifice sound quality with its stunning AiX Sound Source Technology heart.

Being lightweight and boasting a tough molded plastic case, the CT-X700 is designed for mobility without compromising durability – perfect for those wanting to take their tunes wherever the journey leads.

One of the key attractions of this portable keyboard is its extensive range of built-in tones and rhythms. With 600 tones and 195 rhythms at your fingertips, it provides ample room for exploring diverse genres and styles, making it fun and educational instrument-wise.

It also features touch-responsive keys that recreate the feel of playing an acoustic piano, heightening your practice sessions’ realism while honing your skills.

The Casio CT-X700 ensures seamless connectivity with class-compliant USB-MIDI, enabling easy integration with digital audio workstations – no drivers needed.

Moreover, accurate monitoring is made possible through its 1/4″ headphone out port or using an AC adapter or 6x AA batteries when on the go, giving you convenience in either home-based jamming sessions or outdoor gigs.

In conclusion, the CT-X700 reflects Casio’s commitment to creativity and contribution, catering to all musicians, from beginners starting their musical journey to experienced players who need a reliable, travel-friendly instrument.

This portable keyboard unarguably carries unbeatable value in terms of sound quality; versatility features such as variety in tones/rhythms available along with connectivity options included make it a hugely worthwhile investment.


  • Portable and lightweight design for easy transportation
  • Versatile sound options with 600 tones and 195 rhythms
  • Provides a realistic playing experience with touch-responsive keys
  • Can be used with headphones for private practice sessions


  • Limited sound customization options compared to higher-end keyboards
  • Keys may feel less sturdy and durable than those of more expensive models
  • Lacks built-in speakers, requiring the use of external amplification for sound output

This Casio CT-X700 61-Key Portable Keyboard Standalone Keyboard is perfect for aspiring musicians or music producers on the go. With 600 tones, 195 rhythms, and advanced editing controls, this keyboard allows you to refine your sounds easily. Take it anywhere and start jamming today!

Product Info


Price: $199.00

Key Features and Benefits of Each Digital Piano

The Yamaha PSR-E273 stands out with its excellent sound quality, earning it the Best in Class award. It offers diverse instrument voices and provides a lesson function that assists beginners in their learning journey.

The Casio Casiotone (CT-S300) is another gem under $200, recognized as incredibly portable without sacrificing functionality. Its touch-sensitive keys allow dynamic performances, making it perfect for practice and gigs.

For an abundance of features at an affordable cost, consider the RockJam 61 Key Touch Display Keyboard. This piano keyboard provides inbuilt teaching functions and numerous sounds to experiment with – ideal for those starting their musical path or seasoned players wishing to explore different genres.

On the other hand, Alesis Melody 61 Key Keyboard Piano enhances learning through its easy-to-assemble stand and bench setup coupled with instructional modes.

One cannot miss mentioning the Casio CT-X700 while listing top digital pianos under $200; it offers hundreds of rhythms and boasts powerful speakers that deliver impressive sound quality across all tones.

Regardless of your skill level or budget constraints, these remarkable key features provide compelling reasons why they are considered some of the best digital pianos under $200.


Discover the captivating world of music with the Yamaha PSR-E273 and Casio Casiotone (CT-S300), two exceptional digital pianos under $200. These keyboards offer incredible value, boasting features that make them perfect for beginners.

Immerse yourself in beautiful melodies and embrace your musical potential by investing in these high-quality yet affordable instruments today!


1. What is the best digital piano under 200?

The best digital piano under 200 would be one that provides sound quality, easy usability, and durability at an affordable price.

2. Can I get a good-quality digital piano for less than 200 dollars?

Yes, several options of high-quality digital pianos are available in the market for less than 200 dollars.

3. Are brands known for providing the best digital pianos under 200?

Many reputable brands offer excellent choices for finding the best digital piano for under $200.

4. Will a cheaper, “best” pick still provide a good music experience?

Absolutely! A well-selected budget-friendly model can still offer excellent sound and playability, making it worthy of being tagged as the ‘best’ among its range.