Amazing Smart Home Ideas that Make a Difference

Smart home technology has been around since the ’90s, but it was generally reserved for those with big budgets or tech-savvy.  Smart devices, standards, and software have become increasingly mainstream in recent years.

Using open-source software from here, anyone can buy a hub and add small controls and sensors to their home system for less than $100.  The most important thing is that creating an unforgettable experience doesn’t require you to be a programmer or a whiz at tech.

We have several home automation examples to try, even if you are just starting.

To this end, we committed to finding the best home automation ideas we could find online and gathering them into one place as a resource if you want to automate the most aggravating tasks in your daily routine.

Drop Cam Security Camera

Using the Drop Cam security camera, you get crystal-clear video. Regardless of where you may be, you will always be able to monitor your house using your iOS mobile or PC using Wi-Fi.

With Streaming, you can quickly access what you need to see, without waiting long periods. The camera has a 130-degree diagonal field of view, a zoom range, and night vision, so you don’t miss anything, whether it is night or day.

The system also has Cloud Video Recording (CVR) to view video footage and make clips from previous recordings. It is one of the most innovative ways to make your home smart and safe.


Home Security w/HD Camera

SimpliSafe 12 Piece Wireless

Ready to protect right out of the box. Just plug in the base station, place your sensors, plug in your Simplicam and start protecting your home in minutes – no tools required.

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The Future of Home Control

Brilliant Smart Home Control

EASY SMART HOME CONTROL FOR EVERYONE: Brilliant touchscreen panels with built-in Alexa make it easy for everyone at home to control popular smart devices.

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Works with Alexa

Ring Alarm 8-piece kit

Put whole-home security at your fingertips with Ring Alarm, a do-it-yourself alarm system.

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Philips Hue Lights

You will never see a smarter light anywhere else than this one. Philips Hue Lights have come up with one of the latest Smart Home features that take lighting your home to the next level, allowing you to make your home more efficient and fun.

Using the App on your Smartphone, you can conveniently control your lights. Lighting controls mood, and these adjustable lights can be controlled from anywhere in the home or while you’re away.

You can adjust the brightness and dimmer of your home’s lighting to create different ambiances or switch to colors to make fun and different feelings. This is a brilliant and innovative way to light your home.

Samsung Hub Refrigerator

Samsung Hub refrigerator is one of the most useful Smart Home features available today. With all its features, this is the most modern fridge on the market, making things in your kitchen much more accessible. It features a 2.15-inch touchscreen and inventory-monitoring cameras, which are futuristic.

It’s possible to find an App for every purpose you and your family use a fridge for notes to mom, grocery lists, calendars, displaying photos, etc. What’s the most remarkable feature? Touch the App to see what’s inside the fridge without opening the door, and the display will show you a picture of what’s inside so you can see what’s inside before you open the door.

Intelli Fire

Intelli Fire provides the ambiance of a fireplace without the mess of a traditional fireplace, making it the perfect addition to your Smart Home. You’ll have peace of mind from the most cutting-edge safety and technology.

This technology constantly monitors and evaluates the ignition’s performance, ensuring its efficiency while saving you money on your energy bill. A remote control allows you to set up regular interval programs, control the standing pilot, and locks the safety lock for children.

Wi-Fi Router

If you want a smart home – heck, even if you wish to use your Smartphone in every corner of your house – a mesh Wi-Fi router is a good idea. To ensure that you always have a Wi-Fi signal in your home, mesh Wi-Fi routers use one or more ‘hubs’ that you plug in around the house to eliminate dead zones.

Google’s Nest Wi-Fi system works well in a smart home because it is both a hub for connected devices and an intelligent speaker.

In addition to offering Wi-Fi, every ‘point’ also includes a Google Assistant voice speaker (essentially just like a Google Nest Mini), allowing you to control your home via Voice Commands and Wi-Fi.

Nest Learning Thermostat

Smart thermostats may have been the catalyst for the smart home revolution by allowing homeowners to control their heating from anywhere. It’s not necessary to come home to a cold house; crank up the heat on your phone while you’re waiting for the train or ask your voice assistant to check the temperature right before bedtime, so you can have it toasty before you step out.

In the end, though, the most impressive feature was how much money a connected thermostat could save you by intelligently adjusting your heating, turning it down when you’re not home, and automatically creating a schedule so you can save money without dealing with fiddly buttons.

While there are cheaper options, none are as smart or look as good as the Nest Learning thermostat. Plus, it can now control your hot water – an included Heat Link connects to your boiler, increases heating efficiency, and creates an intelligent schedule for your boiler.