Here are 7 Huge Advantages of Having a Smart Home

Whether we want to acknowledge it or not, smart home technology is sweeping through our way of life. For those who have a hard time accepting change, this one might be a bumpy ride.

The notion of smart homes began taking shape in the early 2000s and has seen a rapid increase since that time. Technological manufacturers spotted this potential trend early and started investigating ways to participate.

Here are 7 Huge Advantages of Having a Smart Home

Creators of smart home components realized that two things were critical to their success. The first was to create low-cost products and services. And the second was to teach and show consumers that investing in them was very beneficial.

Let us examine seven of those benefits that consumers would enjoy by investing in smart home technology.

Seven benefits of having a Smart Home

While it would be a monumental task to include every benefit to be gleaned from these components, we will be addressing the most common of them. Consumers will have no difficulty relating to them, regardless of their home setting.

General home assistant

A home assistant is something that can help you manage your entire household. It will help keep track of household chores by reminding you when things need to be done and when important dates arrive. They will also manage things like shopping lists and to-do lists – relieving a lot of stress from your weary mind.

As more and more appliances are coming to the market equipped with this technology, you can operate them with voice commands to your home assistant.

One great way these home assistants will invaluable is in the kitchen. As we cook, we are managing a bevy of cooking and preparation processes. Your assistant can run all the kitchen timers for you, can keep track of things like marinating times, and so forth. And there’s nothing quite like having your coffee waiting for you in the morning.

Since many of these tasks can be accomplished with voice commands, you’ll be able to relax and let your mind rest and replenish itself.

Tracks your family’s health

Let’s face it, sometimes we too busy to go to our doctor to ensure that we’re staying healthy. There are more and more components that will track your health status.

Smart home technology can certainly keep track of your doctor’s appointments and remind you to take your medicine, but it can do far more than that.

You can now easily track your calories, your activity level, your heart rate, and even your quality of sleep. There’s technology out now that allows you to conduct your own EKG.

Another health issue that smart homes can assist with is your routine and whether it supports a healthy lifestyle.  When your routine is more streamlined and efficient, your stress level will automatically go down.

Your home technology can provide you with things like relaxing music and music for daily meditation. And were you aware that lighting has a significant impact on creating hormones that help you sleep and reduce stress? Smart lighting can easily mimic an optimal setting for the overall health of your family.

Provide protection and security for your family

One of the cornerstone functions of smart home technology is home security. As security systems became available and affordable for ordinary homeowners, this technology pretty much drove the smart home concept.

Most consumers have no idea how simple and cheap it is to provide that vital security layer around your property.

There are wireless home systems out now that come with 3-4 cameras and cost less than $100. All you need to do is mount them wherever you need them and download the required app. The only required maintenance is changing batteries occasionally. And you can monitor your home from anywhere with an internet connection.

Regardless of the complexity or the simplicity of your home security system, it can be easily integrated into your smart home system. This means that the system can alert you of a problem, so you won’t have to spend your time surveilling your property.

Incredible savings on costs of running your home

A significant benefit of smart home technology is your ability to save money on basic costs. With these systems, you are being empowered by all the new data that is available for assessment. Like everything else in life, whatever we can track, we can improve.

Smart homes can identify areas that are operating inefficiently. This is one of the most popular reasons that people are upgrading to this new technology. There are control features that work on timers that heat up or cool down your home when necessary. There are motion sensors that energize specific lighting and devices only when people are present.

smart home energy savings

Just think, you won’t have to heat or cool rooms that are not being used in your home. But this is not all. There are smart plumbing devices like toilets and showerheads that allow them to function with less water while not compromising performance. And there’s also the hot water heater that can be monitored and operated more efficiently.

A few years ago, even the EPA reported that smart home systems could save as much as 30% on energy costs by just controlling a home’s thermostat alone.

Enormous accessibility

Perhaps the most incredible thing about everything that we have discussed so far is how accessible they are. The fact is that pretty much all of it can be controlled by your smartphone.

Think about that; you can control several systems in your house at any time, from anywhere in the world. Now that is amazing!

You can adjust your heat, play music for your cats, answer the doorbell and talk to delivery people on your front porch, turn lights off and on, and much more from thousands of miles away.

One thing we have not even addressed is customization. Through customization, the possibilities are endless. For instance, you could give the voice command, “It’s bedtime now.” And your smart home would turn off the lights, adjust the thermostat to the sleep setting, play some relaxing music for a predetermined time to help you sleep, and even turn on a soft night-light for an hour. Then it could wake you up at a predetermined time.

You could also have a “Good morning” routine programmed that would heat the stove as you shower, turn on the TV, and whatever else you would want.